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sargol saffron supply market

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Who produces the best saffron?sargol saffron supply on trade

Sargol saffron means cut string, which refers to how it is produced. Sargol saffron is obtained by separating the white color of saffron from the saffron stigmas of the handle and straw. When separated, a small amount of white may remain at the ends of the stigmas. Also, some strands of saffron may be broken and crushed, so Sargol saffron has different types in terms of quality. sargol saffron supply is done by the agents of this product.

sargol saffron supply market

Who produces the best saffron?

Who produces the best saffron? Iran ranks first in saffron production in the world and Ghaen, as the red gold capital of Iran, has a global brand in the field of saffron production. Saffron was initially specific to Khorasan Razavi and South Khorasan provinces, but was later cultivated in other parts of Iran. If we want to know the best place in Iran for saffron, we must search among the cities of Khorasan province; Because the best type of saffron has been related to this region from the beginning. This region has a long history of saffron cultivation and the saffron brand is named after one of these cities. Saffron is a plant that can grow in harsh biological conditions.

This plant needs water only on the first of November and enough rain and snow until the first of spring. Saffron is a plant that does not have a special cost in terms of transportation and is economical.

This plant has nutritional and medicinal properties and is very popular in Iran due to its limited cultivation. Cultivation of this plant is the occupation of most people in Khorasan region and has a special role in the lives of people in northeastern Iran.

Saffron has medicinal properties and its most important feature is considered to be its happiness, which is considered as a medicine against depression and is used as a natural and herbal medicine that calms the nerves. The history of saffron cultivation in Iran dates back to ancient times. Then it was taken from Iran to Greece and Rome. saffron buyers buy it from dealers of this product.

sargol saffron supply on trade

sargol saffron supply on trade Experience buying first-class saffron from our store. Since our store has a long experience in producing and planting saffron, it has been able to employ experienced and trained personnel; Produce and market Sargol saffron with the highest quality.

The sales center of the best saffron in Sargol, Ghaenat region, which, by relying on offering the product, directly tries to offer this product better, both in bulk and packaged in the domestic and foreign markets.

One of the reasons for price fluctuations is that saffron is a product that can not be denied that it does not have different intermediaries! Due to the extent and activity of these people, with the presence of intermediaries and also their storage, this area has caused the price of saffron to fluctuate. sargol saffron price is determined according to its quality.

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