Statement of Khan Leyli Company (Saffron Trade)

Statement of Khan Leyli Company (Saffron Trade)

Now this supplementary article is published at the beginning of the new year 2024 and we wish all the people of the world, especially you customers around the world, a happy new year.

Thank you for your constant support

If you are looking to create wealth and become truly wealthy, we recommend that you read this article to the end and transform your financial life.

We have published 3 statements from the CEO (Khan Leyli Company) in virtual spaces and today we intend to republish these 3 statements in this article and make them completely public on the company’s website.

full text;  First statement on March 21, 2019

full text;  First statement on March 21, 2019

Time is gold and should be used in the best possible way.

Time is very precious that we should appreciate it second by second and use it to step on the path of success.  (We recommend you to join Khan Leyli company to achieve great success and wealth)

Hello good time

Welcome to Khan Leyli Company

Saffron trade: Attract representatives from all over the world.

Invitation to cooperate for enthusiasts and businessmen of all countries.

From the beginning, Khan Leyli Company has been a model producer, professional, innovative, serious and honest.

By offering exceptional products in quality, along with excellent services, we have been able to attract customer satisfaction and trust and, most importantly, to create a worthy reputation and respect for Iranian saffron.

The strongest company in the world in the field of saffron trade

By offering the highest quality saffron and types of saffron, we serve all customers around the world.

Let’s be with each other with kindness and honesty and benefit from Khan Leyli company.

Saffron trade, red gold trade.

From any country you are, we are waiting for your presence and we create great wealth for all customers from all over the world.

full text;  Second statement on July 5, 2021

full text;  Second statement on July 5, 2021

Global Statement of Khan Leyli Company:

We advise you to read this text carefully until the end, you will achieve a very high financial power and live richly.

Hello good time

I hope you are fine and healthy.

I am Ghasem Bazyar, the manager and owner of Khan Leyli Company.

We have extensive activity in the field of saffron export all over the world

And we are very happy to serve customers and traders all over the world for trade and export of saffron.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are recruiting representatives and investors for our company.

By buying saffron from our company, you can operate in your country and earn big incomes.

Dear customers and investors, saffron business will be very profitable for each of you in your country.

For example, in most countries, the price of one kilo of saffron is between five thousand and fifteen thousand dollars.

People who have the ability to package this valuable product will get more profit

For example, one gram of packaged saffron costs between fifteen and sixty dollars in different countries.

Also, in most European countries, one gram of saffron costs between fifteen and forty-eight euros.

You should pay attention

Different types of saffron have different prices.

Get the wholesale prices of saffron from our company to find out about the high profit of this product by checking the target market of your country.

With a little research, you can learn about the miraculous properties of saffron.

Saffron has many uses in various industries, in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and health industries, etc.

I emphasize that this is a great business opportunity for our dear customers, it will also be very profitable for you.

We will give this assurance to our customers by providing the highest quality saffron in the world, and honesty and customer service are at the forefront of our work.

We invite interested people and businessmen from all countries of the world to cooperate.

Khan Leyli company has been an exemplary, professional, innovative, serious and honest producer since the beginning.

More than ninety percent of the world’s saffron is produced in Iran.

By providing organic and high-quality products along with excellent services, we have been able to gain the satisfaction and trust of our customers and, most importantly, to create a well-deserved credit and respect for Iranian saffron.

This call for cooperation with you friends and customers from all over the world will be valid for many years.

Dear customers and merchants;  All information is available on the company’s website.

Please check all sections of the company’s website.

Thanks & Regards

What is the profit of the saffron product:

Please pay special attention to this text.

You can start this investment path for yourself by financing from friends or people around you (By taking a loan in your own country or from personal capital)

For example, as I said, one gram of saffron costs 15 to 60 dollars in most countries.

With a simple calculation, you will realize that the activity in this business will be of great benefit to you.

Another example, you pay 40,000 dollars to buy 10 kilos of saffron, and let’s consider 15 dollars per gram at the time of sale, you will sell these 10 kilos for 150,000 dollars and you will achieve very big profits with extensive activity.

We recommend that you engage in this profitable saffron business and achieve huge profits.

Get the wholesale prices of saffron from us and be in touch with us.


full text;  The third statement on 2022_02_02

This is a call for cooperation with businessmen and applicants from all countries.

By company management (Khan Leyli) worldwide;  Published on 2022-02-02.

And will be valid for years:

Hello good time dear friends and customers

I hope you are well and healthy with your family

And I wish you all the best.

Attract merchants from all over the world, ladies or gentlemen (one to several people in each country)

Commodity: Saffron

Saffron consumption market: food stores, food industry, cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical industry and ….

Product profit: Saffron profit is very extraordinary for you dear customers in any country.

Origin of freight: We export from Iran to all over the world.

More than 90% of the saffron produced in the world belongs to Iran

Dear customers and traders;  All information is available on the company website.

Please review all sections of the company website.

Important text:

In most countries of the world, the price of saffron per gram is 15 to 60 dollars, that is, 15 to 60 thousand dollars per kilo.

By receiving the wholesale price of all types of saffron from our company, you can know the benefits of this miraculous saffron plant as well as the huge profit of this product for yourself (in your country) with a simple calculation.

We invite you friends and customers (all over the world) to do the big business of red gold (saffron) in your country and benefit from the big profit of this business.

To get the wholesale price of saffron, go to the company’s website and send us a message.

3 statements similar to the articles published in previous years and months have been presented here, and we intend to answer some of your questions, customers or those interested in the saffron business, at the end.

Question 1: Does being a lady or a gentleman make a difference for business?

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, a girl or a boy, you just have to be interested in business and getting rich.

Question 2: How old should the representative applicant be?

There is no difference, any contact or customer from any country can act according to the law of his country and when you have reached the legal age and have understood this business in the true sense, start the saffron business with us.

Question 3: What are your ways of communication?

The most up-to-date ways of communicating with you, dear customers, have been introduced on the company’s website, as well as the contact number

Question 4: How long is this global call or advertisement valid?

We emphasize that this message is valid forever and for many years, and we are serving customers from all over the world for the saffron business.

Question 5: What countries should customers be from?

It doesn’t matter, dear customers, you are from any country, we are waiting for you to reach huge incomes with this amazing business and we will help you in this way.

Question 6: How much cash capital is required?

It depends on your financial ability, whatever amount of cash capital you have, we are at your service, at least 5,000 dollars to more than several million dollars, if you are interested, you can allocate to buy saffron.

Question 7: Do I need a warehouse or a very large office?

No, you don’t need a warehouse and an office, and due to the small volume of saffron products, it can be said that it is a completely strategic, luxurious, special, stylish, and professional job and business.

Question 8: Can we trust your company?

Yes, rest assured, we are reliable and honesty is our top priority.

By viewing the business infrastructure, including the company’s website, Telegram channel, Instagram page, Facebook, LinkedIn and other things, you will notice our wonderful business at the global level, and most importantly, it will gain your trust.

Our advice to all our dear customers and interested parties from all over the world, first check all the mentioned parts of the company in order to reach a heart and complete trust, and finally by communicating with our international sales experts, your trust will be completed.

Question 9: Are you active in the field of digital currency?

No, under no circumstances do we have any activities related to digital currencies, stock exchange, military weapons, alcoholic beverages, contraband goods and political issues and we will not make any suggestions in this regard.

(Our extensive activity is only in trading the very valuable commodity of saffron)

Question 10: What is the deposit method?

We cooperate with our customers all over the world in cash, and customers make a cash deposit as soon as they receive the total amount of their invoice.

You can easily make a deposit from the banking system.

Also, if customers are interested in making deposits through globally valid digital currencies such as Bitcoin, we will cooperate with them and give digital currency account numbers to our customers.

Also, in the near future, easier ways to transfer money and more secure methods will be invented, we will definitely welcome those new methods.

Question 11: How many days does it take to send the goods to the customer?

Delivery time for customers is 15-20 business days and varies based on country type and distance.

This schedule is currently in this form and it may become faster and easier for all companies in the near future with the updating of the global transportation system and the implementation of better rules.

Question 12: How can we understand the wholesale price of saffron and buy it?

First, send a message to our advisors and introduce yourself completely and say which country you are from, get the price and buy the saffron by getting detailed advice on the types of saffron.

Question 13: What is the name of the company and who is the founder of the company?

The name of the company is Khan Leyli and its founder is Mr. Ghasem Bazyar


Question 14: Where is the origin of sending goods and is the origin of sending goods from a safe and reliable country?

Yes, be sure that the origin of sending goods is one of the safest countries in the world.

We must say that more than 95% of the world’s saffron is produced in the very large and vast country of Iran, and the goods are sent from Iran to all over the world.

Iran has 4 seasons and produces the best quality saffron in the world.

This valuable plant has been produced in Iran for more than 3000 years

(Unfortunately, Iran has many enemies and many false news are heard in some countries and these news are completely false, you should know that Iran is a very beautiful and vast country with very cultured and hospitable people and most importantly, very civilized  is rich)

Finally, we are ready to cooperate with you, customers from all over the world.

To receive more complete and accurate advice, contact us and send us a message and ask your questions to our international sales experts, and be sure that cooperation with us will bring you great wealth.

As always, we wish you good health.

A very excellent and valuable news that you can get a lot of income with its business.

In the near future, we will reveal about saffron crocin, which is a very valuable substance, and we will publish its full news.

To understand the value of this valuable substance, we will give an example.

The price of one milligram of crocin is currently 157 dollars. 

I conclude (one kilogram is equal to one million milligrams) the price of one kilogram of saffron crocin reaches 157 million dollars.

With this example, you must have understood its value.

 Currently, this valuable substance is used in the paint industry and pharmaceutical industry at the global level, and its other uses will be informed to customers.

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