sargol saffron export in 2020

Saffron is one of the most valuable agricultural products that has a large area of ​​cultivation in Khorasan province. This product is used as a spice in a variety of foods and desserts and is very popular among people. iranian saffron suppliers this product is mainly distributed in domestic and foreign markets. sargol saffron export in 2020 is done by this sales center in the best quality and reasonable price.

sargol saffron export in 2020

Which country has best quality saffron?

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world, which is widely produced in Asian countries such as Iran and Afghanistan. The origin of saffron belongs to Iran and the people of this country have used saffron as a spice since ancient times. Saffron onion is suitable for planting in semi arid regions, so Khorasan province is very suitable for growing this product. Today, in addition to Khorasan, other provinces such as West Azerbaijan, Isfahan and Ardabil have also cultivated this crop.

How to harvest and process saffron plant determines the final quality of this product. Separation of stigmas of this product must be done manually and with special care. This product dries immediately after separation and various methods are used for drying. From the characteristics of high quality sargol saffron, it can be said that it should have thick stigmas. Saffron stigmas are offered to the market in various forms such as powder, twigs, etc. Powdered saffron has the highest amount of aroma and color, so the demand for this product is higher.

Of the total saffron produced in Iran, more than 70% is exported in bulk to countries such as Afghanistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan. This product is used in developed countries in various industries of beverage, tea, oil, perfume, etc. Saffron seasoning not only does not have the effects of artificial colors, but also contains more than one hundred and fifty useful compounds for the human body.

In addition to its economic aspect, saffron plant planting is also very important from an environmental point of view, because it prevents desertification in subtropical regions. Grading of saffron is determined based on how this product is processed. Sargol saffron, which is prepared only from its flower stigmas, has the highest quality. In addition, Sargol saffron is packaged in the best cans, which shows the first class quality of this product.

sargol saffron export in Asia

sargol saffron export in Asia Sargol saffron is one of the important export items that the demand for this product is very high in global markets. Iran is one of the Asian countries that exports most of the saffron produced abroad. Sargol saffron is available in first class quality in this sales center, and applicants for this product can purchase it directly through this site.

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