sargol saffron at cheapest price

There are different quality grades of Sargol saffron, which has caused different types of Sargol saffron to be offered in the market at different prices. There are many saffron distribution companies in Iran. Types of saffron are offered in different packages and with different names in stores and supermarkets. For example, you must have seen that in the Tehran market, Ghaenat saffron is sold in many centers. sargol saffron price is determined according to its quality.

sargol saffron at cheapest price

What is Sargol saffron?

What is Sargol saffron? This type of saffron is one of the most common and widely consumed types of saffron and most consumers and customers know this model of saffron better and choose to buy it. Because its price is relatively cheap. In this type or model of saffron, there is no news about the yellow part or the root of saffron. And the coloring power of this type of saffron is very high.

Therefore, in this type of saffron, some broken and sometimes soft saffron is seen, which is divided into first-class or lower grades based on the amount of soft and broken. Characteristics of Sargol saffron: The stigma is without any yellow particles or saffron roots and is completely red. The strings are completely separate. The stigmas should not be stuck together.

The stated characteristics for saffron are first class It is very difficult to determine the quality of this type of saffron, and with two characteristics of “stigma length” and the absence of white patches mixed with saffron that have turned red, it is calibrated and divided into three degrees. The first-class type should actually have a higher grade and color than the super gem, and the third-class type may be slightly less than the pen. Organic saffron is sold by dealers.

buy sargol saffron at best price

buy sargol saffron at best price The price of saffron in Iranian cities is slightly different. Saffron sales centers in Tehran do not produce saffron themselves, so they supply the saffron they need from elsewhere.

The costs of transporting and storing saffron and the presence of intermediaries in this cycle cause the final price of saffron to be higher than the production price of saffron. Therefore, the price of saffron in Tehran is usually slightly higher than the price of saffron in Khorasan, which is the province that produces saffron.

Of course, we remind you that the market for buying and selling saffron is so wide that in Khorasan provinces and in Mashhad market, there are many intermediaries for buying and selling saffron and they offer saffron to the market at different prices. saffron wholesale price is determined according to its quality.

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